‘That was 23 years ago’; Arif MP recalls Suresh Gopi’s phone


Following a Facebook post about director Suresh Gopi by director Alleppey Ashraf, the only left-wing Lok Sabha member from Kerala is Alapuzha MP AM Arif. Following the comment on Suresh Gopi, Arif MP is debating whether social media is curious about it.

Arif is a politician with many friends in the film industry. The Arif’s popularity was also evident in the election campaigns of Aroor. Many filmmakers came to Arif’s campaign. According to Alleppey Ashraf’s Facebook post, he has now revealed his friendship with actor and BJP MP Suresh Gopi.

Alleppey Ashraf said that he knew that Suresh Gopi was the first to give Arif a good mobile phone. Arif told Asianet News.com, recalling his friendship with Suresh Gopi, a politically challenged friend, over the phone.

As a student, I was the Chairman of the Program Committee when I organized the Kerala University Youth Festival at Cherthala. He was introduced to a shooting set in Ernakulam to invite him as a guest. So friendly, I had an Ariel-based Nokia phone at the time. Seeing this, he told me he would buy me a good mobile when he left for Dubai. Later, on my way back to Dubai, I was given a silver mobile by Samsung. This is what happened 23 years ago. Alleppey Ashraf presented it as if it had happened the previous day. We were very close together. I am very much against Suresh Gopi’s politics. But I like the man in it, ”Arif says.

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