Thailand to test for Covidine vaccine in monkeys | COVID-19 | Corona Vaccine


Bangkok: Thailand marks a major milestone in the development of the covid vaccine. Researchers are preparing to test on the vaccine monkeys developed here. The test was successfully performed in monkeys with the help of previous experiments in mice.

Thailand’s Minister of Education, Science and Research Suvit Maseenzie said the results of the experiment will be available by September.

He said this is not just for the Thai people but for the benefit of humanity all over the world. Researchers are developing over 100 vaccines worldwide. This includes the Thailand vaccine. If successful, the vaccine will be ready by next year.

The vaccine is being developed by the National Vaccine Institute in the Department of Medical Science and the Chulalangkon University Vaccine Research Center.

Content Highlights: Positive trials in monkeys after a vaccine against coronavirus in Thailand, an official said.

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