Thailand announces the start of experiments on the vaccine against the Corona virus in monkeys


The Thai authorities announced the start of experiments on a new vaccine against the Corona virus in monkeys, after tests in mice.

Moscow – Sputnik. According to the Reuters news agency, Thailand’s Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Development, Saturday Maysense, said researchers had passed the vaccine experience on to the monkeys, and he hoped they would reach a “clearer result” of its efficacy by next September.

                    REUTERS / Lindsey Wasson

Thailand: We expect a coronavirus vaccine next year

He added: “This project is for all people, and it is not exclusive to Thais. The Prime Minister has set a policy that obligates us to participate in developing a vaccine that we join the international community’s work force in this direction.”

He pointed out that Thailand commissioned two manufacturing companies to produce their vaccine against SK.

Thailand announced last Wednesday it was developing a vaccine, which is among at least 100 others being developed globally, and said it hoped to finish producing it by next year.

The vaccine that Thailand develops relies on RNA, which stimulates the cells of the body to produce bodies and molecules on the surface of the virus to stimulate the immune system to function.

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