Texel ferry service back to eighty percent of normal transport …


‘T Horntje

The TESO transport of the past few days is approximately eighty percent of the comparable period in 2019, director Cees de Waal reports.

It is expected that this percentage will also be representative for the coming period, partly due to the upcoming relaxation of measures as of 1 June. That is why TESO is provisionally re-executing the originally scheduled timetable.

The ferry service was surprised on Wednesday by the large number of travelers to the island and then deployed the reserve boat until the crowds in Den Helder were over. In addition, it was decided that the Texelstroom would carry out additional sailings from Ascension Day instead of only on Sunday 24 May, as previously planned. The reserve boat is next to the Dokter Wagemaker on Friday and Sunday from 9.30 am to 4 pm to avoid waiting times. No waiting times are expected on Saturday.

Pentecost weekend

It has now been announced that there will also be a half-hourly service on Monday May 25 and during Pentecost weekend from Friday through Monday.

The Texelstroom is located on the quay in the Texel ferry port ‘t Horntje from Tuesday to Thursday, where maintenance work will be completed. The ships will be changed on Friday 29 May 2020 and from that moment on the Texelstroom will be the regular service boat again.

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