Testing in Helmond slaughterhouse due to coronavirus


The GGD will start on Saturday with NVWA veterinarians and their assistants from the Animal Sector Quality Inspection who were active in a pig slaughterhouse in Helmond with a test for the coronavirus. Company personnel will also be examined. It concerns about fifty people.

The tests were prompted by the positive response of two inspectors working in Helmond and a vet from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). “The people have volunteered. They are all complaint-free, so they are allowed to work,” said a GGD spokeswoman.

The GGD wants to use the tests to determine whether many more people may be infected. If testing is positive, source and contact research will follow to determine who has all been around an infected person. If there has been ‘high-risk contact’, quarantine follows. People must report to ‘low risk contact’ if they receive complaints. The first results may come on Sunday, but probably on Monday, the spokeswoman says.

In a slaughterhouse in Groenlo, 600 employees were quarantined at home for two weeks. The Safety Region of North and East Gelderland decided to do this after consultation with the GGD. The GGD had previously announced that 45 employees had tested positive for corona. Home quarantine should prevent the coronavirus from spreading further.

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