Tesla electric cars will be able to charge other cars


Tesla is undoubtedly one of the leaders among the manufacturers of electric cars on the market. One of its distinguishing features is the rich set of extras that its cars have – often innovative and very interesting.

Another similar feature has appeared in one of the company’s most affordable models, the Model 3. It, like the Model Y, will probably have a reversible charging function so that it can act as a charging station for other electric vehicles.

An important detail is that the current supplied by electric vehicles will be three-phase and in practice can be used with systems from around the world, including for charging other brands of electric vehicles.

Other major corporations, such as Nissan and Honda, have already shown interest in Tesla’s reversible charging technology. It was discovered by engineers and has not yet been officially announced by the company. Everything in the electrical circuits is built so that it can happen with just one software update and the electric cars themselves can become charging stations.

Due to the large battery capacity of Tesla, electric cars will be able to help only those who are “stuck” on the road, but in practice charging would allow to organize a larger trip with smaller electric cars, as the speed of reverse charging will be large enough to provide a good charge for only half an hour, enough for a relatively long run.

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