Tensions in the US! State of emergency in front of the White House VIDEO


Riots broke out in front of the White House in the United States. The protesters were detained by Secret Service employees, CNN reports.

The clashes near the White House lasted more than five hours. Demonstrators shouted at the presidential guards, threw various objects and tried to break through the metal fences. An employee of the Secret Service had to use special means to disperse the crowd.

Protesters chanted slogans in support of Minneapolis black bodyguard George Floyd, who was killed by a police officer who used force during his arrest.

According to CNN, dozens of cities in the United States have been engulfed in protests, accompanied by riots, vandalism and shoplifting.

Protests took place today in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, New York, Indianapolis, Boston, Detroit and many other cities.

In some cases, riots were accompanied by gunfire. A representative of the US Federal Security Service was killed in Auckland.

The situation in Minneapolis, where the authorities are preparing to enlist the help of the military, remains the most worrying.

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