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KnowPictures are a problem. Nolan has always amazed us with his storytelling and timeless technology. The new trailer of ‘Tenet’ also shows that the new movie has no qualms. Nolan’s heroes, John David Washington and Robert Pattinson, are on their way to save the world from World War III. Nolan says that if the first trailer that came out in December surprised you, the second would confuse you.
The first trailer for Tenet was released in December. The film is expected to hit the theaters on July 17. But due to the lock-down situation, Tenet OTT will be able to do so. Fans are wondering if the path will be released. But the second trailer suggests that the film will be released in theaters as previously decided.
The three-minute trailer has already seen the signs. Tenet belongs to the science fiction show, which is scheduled for release on July 17. The film is produced by Emma Thomas and Nolan in Syncopy Productions. Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia and Aaron Taylor Johnson also play lead roles in Tenet.
Tenet has been shot in seven countries. The trailer, released via Warner Bros. Pictures’ YouTube channel, is now on the sixth YouTube trend. Fans are looking forward to Nolan’s tenet with great anticipation.

Content Highlights: Christopher Nolan’s new film The Tenet Trailer, released in July to hit theaters

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