Tears in pop folk! Here is what suddenly happened to Sophie’s son


Lorenzo’s summer season starts without a boyfriend. Sophie Marinova’s son broke up with his last girlfriend on the grounds that he was not ready for a serious relationship, HotArena has learned.

Instead of making plans for a joint future, Sophie Marinova’s son is single again. “I’m not ready for a serious relationship yet.

I broke up with my last boyfriend because he was jealous of me “, he admits, Bulgaria Today writes.

The musician is now ready for new feats, and after months of advertising his love for a mysterious brunette, he even deleted all their common photos.

Only a few shots of Sophie’s daughter-in-law are reminiscent of her ex-daughter-in-law.

Although still a teenager, Lorenzo has experienced several major love dramas to date.

The latter is with his longtime girlfriend, whose name he also kept secret. The girl shook the head of Marinova’s son and the two experienced a stormy romance.

According to rumors, the couple was so in love that they could not stand a moment apart. In the last few weeks, however, during the quarantine, things have gone seriously wrong.

Lorenzo decided to end his relationship, apparently influenced by the turbulent life of his mother. One thing is for sure, however – the Roma family is very attached to good family relations and everyone is thrilled when and with whom Lorenzo will marry.


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