Teach them nothing; Former Australia captain Dhoni’s retirement


MELBOURNE: Matthew Hayden has been the star of Chennai Super Kings for the first time in IPL. He was with the team for three years. Former India captain MS Dhoni was the captain of the team. The two are close friends. The Aussie former star still has close ties with India and CSK. Now Hayden is talking about Dhoni’s retirement.

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Hayden began by saying that it was difficult to talk about Dhoni’s retirement as a close friend. He continued … ‘Dhoni is a great star in every way. These players know when to make the right decision. Dhoni knows how to make the right decision. There is no need to teach players like Dhoni. “Dhoni will make the right decision in this regard, like the decisions he has taken so far in his cricket career,” Hayden said.

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Hayden was also vocal about the IPL. Hayden said the IPL could not be considered without foreign players. “Foreign players play a huge role in raising the standard of IPL. So you can’t think of IPL without them. But in the current situation, foreign players cannot participate. Many countries are on lockdown. “It is not wrong to take the IPL only on Indian players considering this situation,” Hayden said.

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