Tata Steel: no redundancies in the Netherlands during a reorganization


With the reorganization of the Indian steel group Tata Steel, there will be no redundancies at the Dutch branch of the company. The FNV union threatened to take action if Tata Steel failed to comply with the existing employment retention agreements until October next year and did not extend them by five years.

In a statement, Tata Steel Europe emphasizes that there are no changes in the “status of the structure and agreements that have already been made”.

A spokesperson also says that the company in IJmuiden has not been split off. “It is important that everyone realizes that together we can achieve much more than a single location can do,” said the spokesperson. FNV, among others, previously argued for a nationalization of the Dutch branch of Tata Steel.

‘Weak reaction’

FNV director Roel Berghuis calls the reaction of the management of Tata Steel Europe weak. In addition to employment, according to him, the union has many other requirements that have not been addressed. “They are making a ‘pledge’ which has already been agreed with the unions.”

“The commitment is so limited that it is no longer a commitment,” he told NH News. “I have not heard from them at all. Normally you go around the table, but that did not happen.”

Tata Steel Netherlands has not yet responded.

Unrest after leaving CEO

The statement is in response to the unrest that arose two weeks ago after the sudden departure of CEO Theo Henrar at the IJmuidense branch of Tata Steel. The works council and employees are convinced that the departure is forced.

Henrar has always been committed to the interests of Tata Steel in the Netherlands. There is a fear that the parent company in India now wants to implement the reorganization plans at an accelerated pace, with many jobs also being lost in IJmuiden.

At the FNV members meeting next Thursday will be discussed about possible actions.

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