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Bengaluru: ‘That’s the ball in the air, it’s into Sreesanth’s hand. Victory for India ‘Ravi Shastri’s voice from the commentary box is still heard in the ears of cricket fans in India. It was not just a cricket World Cup that India had won since 1983, it was also a relief from the humiliation of the 2007 ODI World Cup. The T20 World Cup could not have been a better start.

Pakistan needed six runs off just four balls to spare. Misbahul Haq was caught by Joginder Sharma for a slow delivery. The ball hit Sreesanth. Misbahul sighed and bowed. India began their victory by defeating Pakistan by five runs.

Teammate Robin Uthappa is talking about Sreesanth’s catch at the time. The best memories were shared on BB’s podcast. ‘I was in Long On when that over started. The first ball saw Jogi throw wide. I was in a position to see what this was. There was only way to pray. My prayer is to win us over from the 15th.

Seeing wide of the last over, I wanted the next ball not to be six. But it reached the Six. However, there is no hope. Then I saw Misbah’s scoop shot rising into the air. I was sure it wouldn’t go too far. It was then that I noticed who the fielder was in the short-leg. That was Sreesanth. Talking inside the team, he always said he would catch. Those are easy catch balls. I have seen it often.

When I saw Sreesanth getting ready to catch, I ran towards the wicket. He was running for the ball, praying that he would catch the ball. In the meantime, Sreesanth is still looking upwards as he reaches the ball. If you notice that catch, it will make sense. (Laughs). All the fear and stress of that catch can be seen on Sreesanth’s face. In any case, the World Cup was for India. ‘

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