Take a look, a Tesla Model 3 Cabriolet


With a fleet of almost 32,000 units, the Tesla Model 3 is not yet very thick on Dutch roads, because of the Volkswagen Golf there are ten times as many on Dutch roads. But if you now think that the Model 3 is not as exclusive as you would like, there is an alternative.

The American Newport Convertible Engineering makes the namely the Tesla Model 3 Cabriolet! Guaranteed to be a rare sight on the road. But the very first question is of course if you would like to, because the saw goes into the aerodynamically optimized design of the electro sedan and which results in a… well, fill in yourself. The Tesla Model 3 Cabriolet is not the most beautiful convertible that is on the price list or even once was.

Tesla Model 3 convertible

The Americans remove the roof from the windshield post and keep the B-pillar of the Tesla to turn it into a roll bar design. That B-pillar has remained upright anyway because there is an eye to hold your key card against it. The roof is a linen hood, on which the locking levers are mounted in an old-fashioned way. It comes to lie on the back of the body of the Tesla, as we used to see on the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible. It is therefore not at the expense of the luggage space if at least no reinforcement bars are mounted in the trunk.

Four-door convertible

Incidentally, the Tesla Model 3 Convertible is unchanged a four-door model, and that remains a unique combination: four doors and an open roof. Newport Convertible Engineering is known for it. The body builder previously made an open version of the Model S, while it also made the four-door Chrysler 300 (in the United States without “c”) and Range Rover. The first copy of the Tesla Model 3 Convertible was born. It is not known whether the car was commissioned by a customer or purely as a show model.

Newport Convertible Engineering states that the company delivers the cars worldwide. A price of the conversion of the Tesla is not known.

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