Takbir can be raised from mosques in Saudi | Saudi | Mosque | Thakbir


Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Religious Affairs has granted permission to muqadins (call banker) to speak to loudspeakers through a loudspeaker from every small and large mosque in Saudi Arabia. The ministry has stipulated that Takbir should be recited through the Speaker only after the time of Prayer after the Prayer (morning) prayer, and that the feast of the mosques should not be performed at any time.

The Supreme Court had ruled Sunday as a small feast, as Shawal month festivities are not visible in Saudi. A full curfew has been announced in Saudi for the short festive holidays. It is in this context that the Ministry of Religious Affairs has given permission for the muqadins (the person calling the bank) to recite the taqbir only without the permission of the feast.

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