Svetoslav Dyakov: I hope Ludogorets will improve CSKA’s records


Ludogorets captain Svetoslav Dyakov said he wanted the Eagles to improve CSKA’s records of nine consecutive titles and a trophy without losing a game.

“The fact that I extended my contract with Ludogorets is not great news. I have a wonderful relationship with everyone here. It was all a matter of one signature. I am happy to have been in Ludogorets for so long, but honestly – I did not imagine it. No. I’m thinking about the end of my career. I have plans, but I’m not in a hurry. The most important thing is to be healthy. I feel great physically. The team gave me so much. So it’s no secret that he is in my heart, as well as my native Pirin. I want my future to be closely connected with one of the two teams “, the midfielder told BNT.

“The first two titles were the most difficult. There were some difficult moments for us as well, but we solved our problems inside and that was the big plus of the club. The key to success is the trust between everyone.”

“We will try to equalize CSKA’s achievement to become the first without a loss. But it is not our goal, and there are teams that may surprise us. I hope to improve CSKA’s record for consecutive titles,” said Dyakov.

Vladislav Stoyanov also extended his contract with Ludogorets

“I am happy to have the opportunity to continue my career in Ludogorets. Our team is great.”

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