Svetoslav Barkanichkov: A big “thank you” for the “blue” supporters, Sirakov is the right decision


Svetoslav Barkanichkov spoke to about his memorable moments at the “Georgi Asparuhov” stadium, sharing his opinion about the future of the great Levski.

How are you and where are we finding you at the moment?

– Thanks, I feel great .. God bless everyone. You find me where I feel best – at the stadium, where I train with the children!

How did the coronavirus crisis go for you and your family?

– My family and I do not believe … In a sense, there are viruses and always have been, but that’s all … I personally drove this virus in mid-January. I even got him on his feet for 3.4 days and only with vitamin C. The idea was different..a blow to the economy ..

Are you still playing football or have you already hung up the buttons?

– I still play football and I think I will not stop doing it soon! I play in Veliko Tarnovo “A” district group, it is elite. There are many nice teams in the group. The matches are played in excellent stadiums and football is played. I am very angry. This year we signed up to participate in the tournament for the Cup of Bulgaria. We lost the second division Spartak Varna. The winner of the match would play against Levski. The team I play for is called “Lato” – the village of Alekovo, but we play our home matches at the stadium of “Academic” – Svishtov. There were a lot of people in the match, nearly 3,000 people, but we lost 0: 1 in 88 minutes. The owners of our team are great Levski players, which is why I was invited to play with them.

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“How do I take care of myself? I wash my hands, drink vitamins and some brandy”

In this line of thought, we can not help but ask you and touch on the topic of Levski. Do you follow the developments in your favorite team and what is your opinion about what is happening?

– I can not follow what is happening. We are in a difficult situation, but it has been the case before and we have always come out of a difficult situation. I am optimistic and I believe that things will stabilize.

The football world has admired the supporters of the “blues” and how they help their team at the moment, what is your comment on that?

– Only a big “thank you” for the “blue” supporters. We all help as much as we can.

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Do you share the opinion of the majority of the fans, who believe that the only salvation for Levski at the moment is to give the shares of the club in the hands of Nasko Sirakov?

– In my opinion, Nasko Sirakov is the right decision. He has always proved that he is an excellent leader, but it will be difficult for him. The goal is to find some stable sponsors behind him, and he knows how to make things happen. If the shares are given to Sirakov, I am sure that some serious investor will stand behind him.

There were also allegations that Nasko Sirakov would have to pay more than BGN 1 million in taxes if he acquired the club’s shares. Do you think that Sirakov is ready for everything that lies ahead, given that he has already stated his readiness to accept the majority package?

– I said that it is possible that if Sirakov starts with Levski to have serious people behind him, otherwise he will not take this responsibility …

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Do you think that Bozhkov and Popov will keep their word and endorse the shares of Nasko Sirakov’s club?

– I am absolutely convinced that the shares can be given only to a person who knows how to deal with everything, and Sirakov knows how to do it.

Mr. Barkanichkov, I will take you back a little to the time when in the 2000/01 season you transferred to Gerena. Then you refuse an offer from CSKA. What was this transfer for you?

– Yes, I turned down a lot of offers from leading clubs. For me, wearing the blue T-shirt was a childhood dream. I have always been for Levski and it will stay that way.

After your transfer to Levski you were haunted by injuries and this did not allow you to play much on the field, but you became the champion of Bulgaria with the “blues”, why do you think it happened with the injuries and do you define it as bad luck?

– That’s right … I was lucky … I could have played great football, but I got quite serious injuries. I must say that I am not sorry, it was written that way. I have a championship title with Levski, and another team with Lokomotiv Plovdiv! Their fans are very loyal and dedicated to their team. I would say that after Levski, Lokoto is my favorite team.

What are the brightest memories you keep from your stay at Georgi Asparuhov Stadium and what are the worst moments?

– The vivid memories are my beginning in Levski. I gave very good results during the preparation of the team. I made a strong tournament in Albena. I had a conversation and good luck Stoycho Mladenov, then coach of Bulgaria. Everything went according to plan. In one match against the national team of Uzbekistan there was a serious injury. And this is where it started with frequent injuries.

Do you still have friends in Levski and who do you keep in touch with, if so?

– Yes of course. I keep in touch with many of my former colleagues. Mecho Telkiyski, Toshko Kolev, Ilian Stoyanov, Chavdar Atanasov and others. Everyone has a family and commitments, but we write to each other on social networks.

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Are you optimistic about the future of Levski?

– Absolutely. I will repeat again. Levski has been in serious condition many times and has always found the strength to stand up.

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