Suspected 7 coronavirus infected in an open – air restaurant in Germany World News from Bulgaria and the World


Seven people may have contracted the coronavirus at a restaurant in northwestern Germany, BTA reported.

If the information is confirmed, this would be the first such case since the country’s restaurants opened two weeks ago. Local authorities in the Lehr district say cases uncovered this week have led to the quarantine of at least 50 people.

For more than a week before, there were no confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the area, the AP notes.

On April 20, Germany began easing restrictive measures related to the coronavirus, reminds BTA. On May 11, the state of Lower Saxony, where Lehr is located, allowed restaurants to open their doors as a precaution.

These include a distance of 2 meters between the tables, masks for the waiters and the obligation to record the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the guests in order to be able to track possible cases of infection.

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