Surprise in Russia because of the new coach of the Bulgarian biathletes


The scandals are obviously haunting the new coach of the Bulgarian men’s biathlon team, Alexander Kasperovich, who does not spare anyone his opinion. The appointment of the specialist is already a fact after announced it on Tuesday, when the meeting of the Board of Directors of our federation was coming up.

Reactions to the news in Russia were astonishing, and the president of the local biathlon union, Vladimir Drachov, denied having such a transfer.

I talked to Alexander Kasperovich and he told me that he did not intend to go to Bulgaria. He called it “some nonsense”. the head of the Russian biathlon commented on Wednesday.

Hours later, however, his colleague Ekaterina Dafovska confirmed our news, with Kasperovic taking over our men’s team from June. And this has obviously put the bosses of Russian biathlon in a rather confusing situation.

“I agreed to accept the offer of the Bulgarians, but I will continue working with Alexander Loginov – confirmed Kasperovic, who is the personal trainer of the world champion, to – I have nothing to prove, nor will I seek revenge in front of anyone. I’m going to work.
Loginov can spend part of the training camp with the Bulgarian team, but we have no intention of competing for a country other than Russia. “

The president of the Russian Bitlon was not enthusiastic that the move took place without his knowledge.

“Kasperovic was on the list of coaches to work with our team – said Drachov. “I’m surprised, but that’s his decision.” Maybe he wants to gain international experience. “

The speech reads sarcasm, and the relationship between the two has been cool for months. In January, police raided the Russian athletes’ hotel precisely because of Kasperovic, after he appeared at the World Championships in Anholz without accreditation from the Russian team.

There was one from the Ukrainian team, but it was clear that he was there to help the Russians and in particular – Loginov. And the name of the coach is related to the doping scandal with which his athlete was caught 6 years ago.

“There will be no such problems in Bulgaria – assured Kasperovich in his speech to – Everything will be fine with the accreditation. As for Drachov’s reaction – I don’t care what he said. I have enough experience. The Bulgarian team has a strong mixed relay, in individual terms it also has quality. The goal is the Olympics and medals from it. “

We are expected to see what the effect of his appointment will be on our players and their performance next season.

They know well the specialist who has vast experience and success behind him.

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