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New Delhi: The number of Covid sufferers in the country is increasing daily. The number of cases rose to 5407 between May 16 and 21, compared to an average of 3829 cases reported between May 10 and 15. Covid cases in India are on a record high every day. In the last 24 hours, 6654 new cases were reported. This is the largest number ever seen in a single day.

But these figures are not all that surprising since the second phase of the lockdown, which ended on May 3, comes after more concessions were made. Beginning on May 17, the controls at the Fourth Phase Lockdown were almost completely reversed. India has also increased its Covid tests. It is expected that the number of Covid cases will increase in India by June this year. However, experts say the rise in cases in India has not come close to being feared. They say the number of cases has so far gone up the same scale and is likely to change dramatically.

But even as the number of patients continues to rise, the mortality rate is still low in India. According to Veldo Meters, the world’s highest number of deaths, 200 deaths in a single day have never been recorded in India. India’s highest death toll is 174 people killed on May 4

The country has been reporting more than five thousand cases over the past four days, but the death toll has not gone above 150 in a single day. An average of 109 deaths were reported from May 10 to 15 while the number of deaths from May 16 to 21 was 138.

This is lower than the current rate of virus outbreak in India and after the announcement of the lockdown concessions. In the case of Covidal Extension, the difference between the average of cases and the death rate is comparable to that of other countries in India. The worst case scenario of Covid spread in India occurred from May 16-21. In India, the proportion of deaths and deaths due to covariates was 39.18 during this period.

The highest number of cases were reported in the United States for six consecutive days from April 6 to 11. More than 30,000 cases were reported these days alone. The average death rate during this period is 2045. In the US, the proportion of cases and deaths in the US was 16, at the peak of the spread of Covid. In the UK and Italy it was around 6.29 and 7.18 respectively.

Germany, which has been hailed as a model for controlling Covid-19 deaths, has a similar proportion (37.27). The difference, however, is that in Germany, the rate of death is not higher than when there was a high prevalence of covid. Between March 14 and April 4, more cases were reported in Germany. However, the number of deaths increased from April 3 to April 18. No wonder 115 deaths were recorded in Russia at the worst stage (May 7-12), as there were other serious reports of deaths from the country.

Despite the increase in the number of sufferers, India is trying to avoid losing their lives. So far, 3720 Covid deaths have been reported in the country. Of the 14 countries with the highest death toll of the 70 countries, India ranks fourth after Russia, Peru and Turkey. But unofficial deaths are coming from Moscow and Istanbul. Brazil’s mortality rate is 6.44%. Covid mortality rates for the other countries were US (5.94%), Spain (9.97%), Italy (14.24%) and France (15.52%).

India has the highest number of casualties, followed by Russia with 755 deaths. Brazil reports one death in every 37 tests. Other countries in the picture are France-49, UK-86, Italy-100, USA-140, Canada-224 and Germany-432. There are various reasons why India has a lower mortality rate than other countries.

The main reason for the low mortality rate is the lockdown and its various stages of implementation, which were confirmed when the Kovid outbreak was confirmed. The BCG vaccine used against tuberculosis, hot temperatures and light strain of the virus are all positive.

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