Sunday in the Gulf countries


Dubai: A small feast is expected to be held on Sunday in the Gulf countries, following a month-long show. The announcement of the feast day in Oman will only be made tomorrow.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait will be holding a small feast on Sunday, the religious affairs of the respective countries said. With this the feast of Kerala and the Gulf countries became a single day. The 29th day of Ramadan is the day after the fast of Ramadan. The feast day of Oman will be decided according to the month of the month.

In the context of Kovid, strict control over the Gulf countries continues. The curfew, which began on Friday evening in Saudi Arabia, lasts until Wednesday. Nowhere in the mosques or Eidgahs is there a celebration of the Feast. Religious leaders have suggested that houses should be worshiped instead.

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