Summer camps may continue in “bubbles” of up to 50 people, also playgrounds will open again


What came out of the bus? Good news for children and their parents: the summer camps may indeed continue, from July 1 and under strict conditions. For example, it is necessary to work with “contact bubbles” of up to 50 people (participants and supervisors). Those bubbles must remain separate. So if a camp consists of 150 people, they have to split into 3 bubbles in terms of food, sleep and material.

Within the bubble, the distance rules not. Although Flemish Minister of Youth Benjamin Dalle (CD&V) does ask to use “common sense” and to omit games that involve very close contact, such as “meat heap” or “fat Bertha”. With people outside the bubble, the distance rules do apply.

“It will be different, but no less fantastic,” said Dalle at a news conference with youth organizations. “We count on everyone: on parents, on leadership and on the young people and children themselves. We cannot reduce the risk to zero, but the rules provide important guidance.” These rules also include that children who have recently been ill must stay at home, and that everyone is strict hygiene regulations must comply.

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