Sulekha, who died of Kovid’s illness, has spent two days in Quarantine; Family and Quarantine


Kozhikode: Even though the government strictly recommends that those coming from the Gulf stay in the institutional quarantine for seven days and the home quarantine for seven days, the defensive work in the Kozhikode district is being challenged.

Today, the government quarantine came just two days after Suleikha, a native of Mavoor, from Kozhikode, died of Kovid. On May 20, she and her husband arrived at the Kannur International Airport from Riyadh.

They arrived at the airport with her husband, but were taken to a hospital where they had taken her husband to hospital. It was not known to the Mavoor panchayat authorities or the health department. Then on the 25th, after seeing the symptoms, the medical college turned into a covid isolation ward and died today.

The woman and her husband spent time together in the Quarantine. They are also heart disease. Kovid has confirmed to him, too. They came home during the feast. The children, believed to be connected with them, and their families are in the Quarantine.

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