Sukhoi 57 passes all tests and requirements


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told Sputnik that Russian fifth-generation fighters “Sukhoi-57” had passed all tests and requirements that were put in place during their design.

Moscow – Sputnik. Borisov said today, Thursday: “The fifth-generation Russian fighters of the Sukhoi-57 confirmed during the tests all the requirements of the tactical and technical specifications in full. The government contract for the delivery of 76 aircraft … will be carried out according to the delivery schedule.”

                    Sputnik. Mikhail Voskresensky

Rostikh tests the fifth generation of Sukhoi-57 fighters

The CEO of Rostec, Oleg Evtoshenko, reported earlier that the number of sorties carried out by Russian fifth-generation fighters, “Su-57”, reached practically several thousand sorties.

It is reported that the plane “Sukhoi-57” (and its former name “Pak Fa”, then its experimental name – T-50) is a Russian fifth-generation fighter intended to destroy all types of air, land and sea targets on the surface of the water. This fighter made its first flight in 2010.

Among the distinctive characteristics of the “Sukhoi-57” fighter is the combination of its high maneuverability and its ability to carry out sorties at supersonic speeds, in addition to enjoying the latest types of electronic flying devices, in addition to the difficulty of detection, which guarantees them superiority over competing aircraft.

A contract was signed to supply 76 Sukhoi-57 fighters to the Russian Air Force in the “Army 2019” forum.

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