“Su-34” refueling over Rostov Province … Video


Refueling occurs during high speeds, but despite this the crew must keep the plane in one position for a long time.

Su-34 combat crews trained to refuel in the air. The Russian Air Force Il-78 tanker was used as an air carrier capable of supplying several aircraft at once with one fuel.

Refueling at an altitude of 6000 meters. Tanker hoses were towed to jet fuel tanks at a speed of several hundreds of kilometers per hour. The distance between the aircraft was 10-20 meters when the fuel was being pumped. “Zvezda” channel published a refueling video.

Air refueling is the highest skill of military pilots, as a result of clear, well-coordinated joint action of all crews involved. Refueling at night is more difficult, when visibility is limited you should only work on aircraft lights.

These exercises are held at least twice a year to improve skills, and the next course will be held in November.

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