Study reveals “Jane” increases the risk of “Covid 19”


A recent scientific study revealed a “gene”, which can increase the risk of infection of the emerging corona virus that causes “Covid 19”.

The study, published at the University of Exeter College of Medicine and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, indicated that the “dementia gene” that causes Alzheimer’s disease could double the risk of “Covid 19”.

The study, published in “Times News Now”, indicated that this study was attended by a large number of European origins, who carry a copy of the “APOE” gene that causes Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly.

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The researchers analyzed data from the British Biobank, and discovered a defective gene associated with dementia that doubled the risk of “Covid 19”.

The study found that out of every 36 people of European origin there are two copies of this gene, which increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s 14 times, and the risk of heart disease increases twice, and the risk of “Covid 19” is very large.

The researchers found that carrying such genetic mutations doubles the risk of “Covid 19” almost 3 times for those who do not carry this gene, even those who have not had Alzheimer’s before.

“It is also important that it appears again that an increased risk of disease that appears inevitable with aging may actually be due to specific biological differences, which can be It helps us understand why some people stay active until the age of 100 and beyond, while others become disabled and die when they reach the age of 60, for example. “

“Many studies have now shown that people with dementia are at a high risk of developing Covid 19,” said science team leader David Millizer. “This study indicates that this high risk may not be simply due to the effects of dementia, age, vulnerability or exposure to the virus, but rather due to A gene present in the human body. “

“The effect could be partial, because of this fundamental genetic change, which puts them at risk of both COFEDE 19 and dementia,” Miller added.

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