Study: People with coronavirus are not contagious after the 11th day of illness


Patients with coronavirus are not contagious after the 11th day of illness, although some would still test positive for Covid-19. That’s according to a new study by infectious disease specialists from Singapore, Bloomberg reports.

“A positive test for coronavirus is not equivalent to an infectious or viable virus,” said a report by the National Center for Infectious Diseases in Singapore and the Singapore Medical Academy.

“The virus cannot be isolated or cultured after the 11th day of illness,” said the study, which was based on studies of 73 patients in Singapore. The data is likely to have an impact on the country’s coronavirus patients’ discharge policy.

At present, the discharge criteria are based on negative coronavirus samples and not on infectivity.

Singapore’s coronavirus management plan is based on the latest clinical and scientific evidence locally and internationally. The Singapore Ministry of Health is expected to assess whether they can be included in the national strategy for patient management, reports the Singapore edition of The Straits Times.

Currently, 13,882 people, or 45% of the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Singapore, have been discharged from local hospitals. 642 new cases of coronavirus were registered in Singapore on Saturday.

The government is conducting rapid screening tests of all employees in local kindergartens, as they will reopen on June 2nd.

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