Stoycho Stoilov: Why shouldn’t Levski experience its catharsis?


The general manager of the capital’s grand CSKA Stoycho Stoilov said that he is in the position of Levski fans. The former national shared that he wants to have a derby with the “blues”, but asked why the team from “Gerena” does not experience a catharsis, similar to CSKA in the 2015-2016 season. Then the “Army” played in the third level of Bulgarian football, but won the Cup of Bulgaria.

“CSKA – Levski is the most important match in Bulgarian football, without this match the championship will not be interesting, as it was when CSKA was not in the elite. I want to have an eternal derby. I know how difficult it is for people and what things they do for to save your team.

On the other hand, why should Levski not experience its catharsis, as happened with CSKA. However, there are laws in this country that must be obeyed, “Stoilov told bTV.

Vasil Kolev: Levski has become a sports gathering

“Our dominance in the derbies with CSKA has disappeared, the desire to compete has been lost”

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