Stoycho Stoilov: Judicial measures have been taken against CSKA 1948!


Stoycho Stoilov gave another interview to bTV. The general manager of CSKA revealed that the club has taken legal action against CSKA in 1948.

He added that according to him, this team has entered the elite illegally.

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“CSKA 1948? First, I was very surprised by some decisions of the BFU.” A “group plays,” B “group does not play – why? Cheferin said that all championships must be completed by the end of August.

Why did the BFU make such decisions? In my opinion, these were wrong decisions compared to football fair play. There was time to play all the matches in “A” group.

Stoycho Stoilov: Why shouldn't Levski experience its catharsis?

Stoycho Stoilov: Why shouldn’t Levski experience its catharsis?

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September are right in their demands. CSKA 1948 entered the “B” group illegally, I don’t know what their honest path is, which they are launching.

It’s funny! They have a carriage of people, it is clear who CSKA is. They are not allowed to use this abbreviation. The media cannot use this abbreviation when it comes to them.

Judicial measures have been taken – this club cannot use the abbreviation and the emblem, “Stoycho Stoilov told bTV.

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