Stoycho Stoilov: CSKA has a coach, the owners want a title and a cup


The general manager of CSKA Stoycho Stoilov gave an extensive interview for bTV, in which he spoke on many current topics around the club and Bulgarian football. Here is what he said to the charming Florina Ivanova:

“These two months were very difficult for us, the athletes. Now we have to prepare well for the playoffs. We will overcome this difficulty with victories. Despite all the factors that affect football, last year we deserved the title more than Ludogorets. The last Two matches were not played with fair play and that is why we did not become champions, this year they are leading by many points and that is why our priority is the Cup of Bulgaria.

The decision to play without an audience is a financial blow to us. I hope there is an audience in the European tournaments, because this will be a serious blow indeed. Marketing everything is stopped, everything in the club is supported by the two owners – Mr. Ganchev and Mr. Indjov. During these two months, players have reduced salaries. There are two with contracts that we are negotiating with, but so far they have failed and they remain part of the team.

Compared to Levski and Ludogorets, we have a much more normal budget, if the figures we read are correct, of course. Jesse and Pinto are in a pending position, we are waiting to see what will happen with the crisis. Albentosa acted very sensibly, we got along very quickly with him, but we have difficulties in negotiations with others. We have always had young players – before it was Chorbadjiiski, now Antov. If they get the chance, they can succeed.

They have never played salaries with us. I don’t know if her salary scored. The coach does not know the salaries of the players, he lets go of those he judges. The club has never interfered in the work of the coach. It is not too early to think about summer selection – we always follow players, comment with managers, even with the players themselves. It is not known what will happen in two months, this worries us the most. Until it is clear what will happen to the crisis, it is not right to make a summer selection in my opinion.

Ask the owners about Jarrett, it’s not a question for me. I see Jarrett every day. We need to improve the game on the field. Negotiations with Stamen Belchev have not been conducted, we have a coach – Milos Kruscic. If we are not in the first place, there is obviously something to improve in the club. The owners want us to be champions and take the Bulgarian Cup. I hope we can win a trophy this year. ”

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