Stop situation in which employer can also be landlord


FNV vice-president Tuur Elzinga: “You can now see that the problem is very topical at the slaughterhouse in Groenlo. There, 45 migrant workers who live together in large groups contracted corona. The medieval situation where your boss is also your landlord must really be over. Labor migrants aren’t serfs, are they? ”


Today FNV offers the House of Representatives an online report containing the union’s vision on fair labor migration and solutions to structural problems. Those problems are not new, but according to FNV they are becoming increasingly visible due to the corona crisis. This month, for example, the coronavirus also broke out among migrant workers in Velp, who lived in tens of tens in a building. Elzinga: “Migrant workers often don’t dare to say anything about their living conditions, because the double cap of their employer also endangers their work.”


Now that the problems are becoming so visible, the time has come to come up with structural solutions, according to FNV. The report makes suggestions about European rules, better enforcement and revising rules that make it fiscally attractive to rent out your own employees to a home. “Such tax benefits act as perverted incentives to sustain dire situations,” said Elzinga.


The flexible labor market also plays tricks on the migrant worker. Much work has become unattractive to local workers due to insecure contracts and low wages. This creates a shortage of labor. Elzinga: “That is why we believe that much more real jobs must be created, with certain contracts and good conditions. Because everyone, wherever it comes from, has the right to honest work. ”

House of Representatives

On Monday 25 May, the permanent Parliamentary Committee of Social Affairs and Employment of the House of Representatives will debate labor migration. The agenda includes the plans of the ChristenUnie and the SP to improve the living and working conditions of migrant workers. The FNV report “Fair Labor Migration in a Socialer Netherlands” can be downloaded from the FNV website.

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