Stoltenberg explained that if Russia complied with the Open Skies treaty, the United States would not withdraw


NATO Allies firmly committed to defending effective international arms control system, disarmament and non – proliferation: “We all agree that all countries that are parties to the Open Skies Treaty must fulfill their commitments and their responsibilities, “said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, according to a statement issued after today’s meeting of the Atlantic Alliance at ambassadorial level.

All countries united by NATO are in full compliance with all provisions of the Treaty“Stoltenberg stressed, pointing out instead that”Russia has been imposing flight restrictions for many years, who are not in accordance with the Treaty, including restrictions on flights to Kaliningrad and restrictions on flights to Russia near its borders with Georgia. ”

France, NATO regret US withdrawal from Open Skies treaty

For them, the contract remains “functional and useful”

The selective fulfillment of Russia’s obligations under the Treaty undermined the contribution to this important Treaty on the Security and Stability of the Euro-Atlantic Region, “said the NATO Secretary General, recalling that the Allies had already explained how Moscow complied with the Treaty in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

The United States has declared that Russia is violating the Treaty and has now announced its intention to withdraw of the Treaty within six months, in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty, “Stoltenberg said, noting that Washington had already clarified that to change the line at the time announced, Moscow must return to compliance with the agreements “as soon as possible“.

“Russia’s return to respect (for the agreements) is the best way to preserve the benefits of the Treaty,” Stoltenberg said, adding that NATO allies were committed to this in both the capitals and the OSCE in Vienna.

According to the Secretary-General “the Allies remain open to dialogue in the NATO-Russia Council to reduce risk and transparency. We continue to strive for constructive relations with Russia when Russia’s actions allow it“he finished.

The United States is demanding that NATO countries support their withdrawal from

US urges NATO countries to support withdrawal from Open Skies

And come out with a joint statement that Russia is guilty

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