“Stolen Life” will delight fans with its tenth season


The system puts doctors to the test during the finale of the ninth season –
tonight from 20:00 by NOVA

Fans of the hit Bulgarian medical series will have the opportunity to see the tenth season with their favorite characters, new stories and medical cases. The big news was announced by producer Evtim Miloshev and main screenwriter Hristina Apostolova, who were guests in “Stolen Life: The System” this morning. “We never imagined that ‘Stolen Life’ would have such a weight as an audio-visual product to the public,” the producer shared his excitement, hours before the finale of “Stolen Life: The System.” The two revealed some of the big challenges in filming the ninth season, including the need for the team not to stay on the front line, as well as rewriting the episodes with the entry of Covid-19 in “St. Anastasia”.

Dr. Tasev confronts Fotev in the final episode of “Stolen Life: The System”

“It was inevitable to include this topic – the most important thing was to see how this invisible enemy affects people’s lives,” added Christina Apostolova. During the finale of “Stolen Life: The System” tonight from 20.00. according to NOVA, viewers will experience tense twists and comic moments with familiar characters. Fotev’s return will reveal unsuspected backstage games that will confront Dr. Tasev with the most difficult decision in his career. A special guest in the final episode will be Dimitar Rachkov, who will return in the role of Coco’s father, bringing a humorous note to the serious topics.

Zdrava Kamenova: At the end of “Stolen Life” there will be a turnaround for my heroine

Will the fear take over “St. Anastasia ”or will the team deal with the critical situation in the best way? What are we able to sacrifice in the name of medical ethics and professionalism? – Fans will learn during the season finale tonight from 20.00. by NOVA.

You will find more news on the NOVA website and on the official website of “Stolen Life” on Facebookand all episodes you can only see in NOVA PLAY.

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