Stefan from Plovdiv: LA: People will start leaving the United States in the coming years


We have already told you several times about Stefan Apostolov from Plovdiv and his life in California, USA. Most of you know him as the boy who made a film about Bulgaria, the premiere at which the people of Plovdiv had the opportunity to watch at the Roman Stadium last year.

Others admire his passion for work, positive attitude and, of course, his perfect appearance, noticed by many fashion giants in the United States.

Now, however, we have sought out Stefan Apostolov to tell us what is happening in one of the countries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, the Plovdiv resident lives and works in Los Angeles, where the quarantine has been extended until the end of July. Clubs, restaurants, malls and everything else except grocery stores and pharmacies continue to be closed.

It has recently been allowed to visit the beaches, for which Stefan is extremely happy, given the approaching summer. According to him, Americans have already become very nervous and depressed by the situation and need a social life, but he believes that everything will be fine.

The talented Bulgarian spends most of his days at home with his girlfriend. Among the favorite activities of the couple, in times of social isolation, is to plant fruits and vegetables in their garden, as well as to improve in the kitchen, taking care of their healthy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Stefan Apostolov already has ideas for a new film dedicated to the Motherland, but this time focused on the social theme. He is also upgrading his business platform for healthy eating and sports, and in August he hopes to be able to return to his native Plovdiv.

His path starts from the English High School under the hills. “My great parents have always given me the freedom to do whatever I want. They only wanted me to study hard and continue abroad “, shares Stefan. For as long as he can remember, his dream has been to live in Los Angeles. Did he have any difficult moments in the beginning? Oh, yes, he had a few bucks in his pocket. His first job in college was an omelet guy. He served, he was also a bartender.

He then covered the SAT and TOEFL exams, applied to several universities in the United States, and won a full scholarship to the University of New Hampshire. He studied acting, theater and dance there, participated in plays. In the meantime, she started shooting as a model. He has worked all over the world – South Africa, New York, Milan, where he also participated in Fashion Week.

“I am a very great patriot and my heart will always be in Bulgaria, in Plovdiv. I just hope to have the opportunity to return whenever I want to see my family, my grandmother, my friends, to travel around the country and to do what I can to improve the whole way of life of all Bulgarians. This is my priority, passion and mission in life. ” – says the Plovdiv resident in front of Trafficnews. However, he does not intend to return home permanently in Bulgaria or at least in the next 10-15 years.

Here is what Stefan Apostolov told us in an interview for our media:

“Hello, Stefan!” How are you, is everything okay with you?

– Hello! Everything is fine with me – I’m alive, I’m healthy.

– You are in the United States, which is among those most affected by the pandemic. What is the situation and how do you deal with the situation yourself?

– Here in the United States the pandemic is quite serious, especially in New York. The situation is not flourishing in Los Angeles either. It all started on March 13 and for 2-3 months things were really very serious. Clubs and restaurants are closed, everyone wears masks, keeps a distance in the shops. It strikes me that people still follow the necessary measures. In the state of California alone, the quarantine was extended for another 3 months until July, which is not very pleasant, but there are still many patients and it is necessary. There are other states that are no longer quarantined and are functioning normally. I personally believe that the situation in the United States will change completely in the next 1-2 years. It is predicted that there will be a recession here and that people will now start leaving the United States instead of coming here as before.

– How has your life changed in recent months – what do you miss and what did you manage to accomplish that you still haven’t had enough time for?

“To be honest, my life hasn’t changed in any way.” I made the film I make for Bulgaria from home, I also work for my company for a healthy lifestyle at home. In short, my business is online, my office is 5 minutes from home and I am there alone, which is extremely convenient, especially in the current situation. My life has changed more to a positive point of view since May 1, due to the fact that the last 5 years I had a lot of work on the film, the premiere of which was at the Roman Stadium in my hometown Plovdiv. Due to lack of funds, I spent a really long time on the production for my country – a whole week of work, work, and then the weekends for 16 hours a day to be able to finish it.

It was really hard for me to combine several things at the same time, because I was making the film in my free time, and I had to do the other things that I still support myself with. In the last 5 years I can say that I had absolutely no personal life, only work and only now in May I realized what it’s like to rest a bit. At the moment I live with my girlfriend and the last weekends we did all sorts of things – we planted vines, fruits, vegetables and we managed to rest and enjoy these moments. Now we go back to work a little less, but I hope it’s not as much as in recent years.

– Do the people there follow the measures and do you see paranoia in them or are things calmer now?

– Yes, people are used to this way of life, especially here in LA. The best thing is that at least the beaches have opened, but everything else remains closed at the moment. However, I am impressed that people already need to be social – they are depressed, depressed, nervous and need to meet friends … But I believe that things will stabilize a little less. Here in California in the next 3 months there will be 5 phases of granting the imposed measures. It is said that first the restaurants will open, then events will take place, but from 20 to 50 people and so on.

– Are you positive about the summer season and do you have plans for it?

– Well, as far as I can I am positive. Like I said, everything stays closed here in California until July, but at least the beaches are already allowed, which is very good. We have plans to go on a hike, to visit waterfalls, to gather with our closest friends at home to cook and such things. We will plant more trees, fruits, vegetables and we will work. I have plans to return to Bulgaria in August for a friend’s wedding, I just hope they don’t put me in quarantine for 2 weeks.

– Most recently, the full version of the movie “Bulgaria in 4 seasons” has been released online. What are the reviews?

– Yes, the movie “Bulgaria in 4 seasons” was released on May 1, and the reviews are great! I was very worried about how people would react, because I watched the scenes thousands of times and there were days when I liked and adored him, as well as others when I hated him because I wanted to make him even better. In the end, I lost the reality of whether the film was ok or not. But what happened after the film aired exceeded all my expectations in a very positive way. I have cried many times, reading comments from Bulgarians. As you know, in Bulgaria many people are slightly negative and there are always those who will express a bad opinion even about him, which is really very good. In my case, 99.9% of the responses and comments were great and positive. There were literally 1-2 more negative statements. I received thousands of personal messages with greetings from acquaintances and strangers, and the Bulgarian version of the film already has 1 million views on Facebook. I was very moved by everything that happened. Some people even wrote to me that the film had changed their lives, that they were speechless and could not explain what they had experienced while watching the production. I was also told that it was this film that aroused the desire of some to return to their homeland after many years of exile abroad.

The other good news is that an awful lot of foreigners are also inspired and motivated by the film, by the messages on the stages, by Bulgaria in general. The first reaction of every foreigner after watching him is that he wants to come and visit our country. Literally for the last 2-3 weeks all my 5 years of work, deprivations, every sorrow and tears have been justified.

The man from Plovdiv who made the film about Bulgaria: In one night my grandmother rolled 500 sarmas“A very influential film, every Bulgarian should watch it”, were the comments after the screening of “Bulgaria in 4 seasons”

– Are you considering directing other films?

– Yes, I already have such an idea, but the script has not been written yet. I want to shoot it again in Bulgaria and it should be related to Bulgarian themes. I will say that it is not related to history or nature, but rather it will be on a social topic, but it will not be political. I have a really interesting plot in my head and I hope that by the end of this year we will be able to complete the script so that we can start a little less conversations with studios, investors, etc.

– How is your day under quarantine? You are also a fan of healthy eating, did you share any of your secrets or advice on how to get in shape?

– I built all the software from scratch, in Plovdiv, with local IT specialists, and the company’s offices are in Los Angeles. I have 25 original shows with over 500 episodes. Currently, my platform for a healthy lifestyle and sports is extremely sought after by people. I guess it’s because of the quarantine, as they can’t go to the gym and look for alternative ways. It’s called Zonia and it gives people hundreds of videos that come with all kinds of recipes to make at home. They are made by very popular chefs here in the United States. The videos are very convenient because you watch and cook directly with them. The platform also has an area for all kinds of sports, again in videos. You can find yoga, pilates, strength and cardio exercises.

I’m very used to cooking and I do it all the time. We take turns with my girlfriend and I think it’s nice and healthy, because most of us know that what is offered in restaurants is not the best thing to eat. I also made a video that shows that despite how difficult it is to be isolated from everyone and everything and to be quarantined, we should look at all of this as an opportunity to be healthier and create good habits. An opportunity to be more ourselves, an opportunity to learn to cook at home, not to buy frozen foods and fast food.

I train at home every day and I can say that I am in my best shape for many years. Once a week I can afford to get Thai food or something. I meditate and try to balance my days between work and enjoying life.

– Have you ever considered returning to Plovdiv permanently?

– I have no plans in the near future, in the next 10-15 years to return forever. But I come to Plovdiv very often, I shot the scenes for the film in Bulgaria in 2016 for half a year and then I went home two or three times every year, and in 2018 there were even five. My biggest dream is to come to my homeland more often to shoot my other films and spend most of my time there. I don’t know if I will live in Plovdiv, but I am a very big patriot and my heart will always be in Bulgaria, in Plovdiv. I just hope to have the opportunity to return whenever I want to see my family, friends, travel around the country and do what I can to improve the whole way of life of all Bulgarians. This is my priority, passion and mission in life.

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