State Secretary Raymond Knops (CDA) as Member of Parliament for tens of thousands of euros, estimated when purchasing land


State Secretary Raymond Knops from Hegelsom was favored for several tens of thousands of euros when he was a Member of Parliament when he bought the land for his house. Report that NRC and The Limburger. It is a company that has been run since 2002 by former deputies of the province. The government company sells building plots in Limburg according to the so-called room-by-room scheme. Spacious country houses are returning to the countryside for demolished pigsties. With the proceeds from the sold lots, the province recoups the subsidy paid to demolish the stables.

In 2010, Knops was one of more than a hundred “one-pitters” that built through the space company itself. He sold agricultural land to the space company. Subsequently, the company – through a change of the zoning plan at the municipality of Horst aan de Maas – ensured that the land was given a residential destination. After that it was a building plot, which went back to Knops for a market price.

The land transaction did not benefit him, Knops writes in a statement. According to him, he did not pay an amount of square meters, but a “standard amount”.


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