Stadiums in the United States have become parking lots


Several stadiums in the United States were crowded with abandoned cars, mostly Toyota models, which were brought from Japan but never reached the brand’s dealers. There are also machines of companies for car rental and shared travel, reports the Los Angeles Times.

abandoned cars

Most of the cars are in the open air on sports fields in California – these are the stadiums of the baseball Dodgers and Angels, as well as the racetrack in Santa Anita. The facilities are not being used because sports championships in the United States have been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The unsold Toyota models were delivered from the port of Long Beach, they were unloaded, but due to the crisis they could not be sent to the brand’s dealers in the country. The port warehouses are also full of cars and therefore the use of sports facilities for parking is required.

Another Japanese manufacturer, Nissan, found itself in a similar situation. A cargo ship brought 2,000 brand new Nissan and Infiniti cars to Los Angeles, but it had to stay in the bay for several days because the port was crowded and there was nowhere for the cars to be unloaded.

Photos: LA Times

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