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Sreelakshmi Sreekumar is one of the most well known actress in the first season of Bigg Boss. Sreelakshmi, the daughter of comedian Samrat Jagathy Sreekumar, also made an appearance in Malayalam. The actress is married to Bigg Boss. Srilakshmi has been married for a long time.

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Her husband is Jijin, a commercial pilot in Dubai. All of their wedding pictures have become a wave on social media. After their marriage, Srilakshmi and Jijin settled in Dubai. Srilakshmi’s marriage to Gijin took place in December last year.

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Sreelakshmi Sreekumar is always active in social media despite her busy schedule. Taraputhi shares her latest pics and pictures with her. Posts that are supposed to be Sreelakshmi Sreekumar’s are going viral in an instant. Fans also took to Instagram to post a new Instagram post featuring the Bigg Boss star.

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The actor also shared a picture with her husband and the caption given to it was remarkable. Srilakshmi Sreekumar has posted on her Instagram page with a two-line Hindi poem, “My aspirations come from you. You are my last prayer.” Srilakshmi’s latest Instagram post has gone viral on social media.

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Srilakshmi also shared a tic talk video with the caption that February is the month of love. The actress had once again stated her love for the song “Think I’m Love With You”. Srilakshmi also posted hashtags like Valentine’s Day Special and I Love You on Instagram. Bigg Boss stars Ranjini Haridas, Archana Suseelan, Sabumon and Dia Sana were all present at the wedding.

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