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The sun is extremely visible this spring, which culminates in the sunniest spring of all time. The number of sunny hours on average across the country eventually comes to more than 760 hours against 517 normal. Record year 2011 is thus thrown off the throne. Then the sun shone a total of 713 hours in March, April, and May.

Until May 21, the sun shone an average of 692 hours over the land, making it the sunniest spring yet. Normally the sun shines from March 1 to May 21 at 432 hours.

Record will be broken on Monday

To break the 2011 spring record of 713 hours, the sun needs to shine on average just over two hours a day over the next ten days. This is easy to do, because the sun is expected to shine on average 7 to 8 hours a day for the rest of the month. It is expected that the record from 2011 will be broken on Monday, after which the number of sun hours increases further to more than 760 hours.

All months were top 5 and April was record sunny

March was already a very sunny month with an average of 195 hours of sun against normal 121 hours. The first month of spring accounted for a third place in the ranking since the beginning of the last century. Also in April the sun was shining and it was even record sunny with 287 hours of sun against normal 173 hours.

This May also the sun shines earlier than not. Until May 21, the sun shone an average of 210 hours, making May 2020 already in the top four of the sunniest months. It is expected that this month will also be top ranked.

Sunny weather means to watch out for burning

The sun shines exuberantly almost daily and the sun power is high at this time of the year. With a UV index of 6 to 7, the unprotected skin can burn after 10 to 15 minutes.

Animated video by in60seconds.nl

You can read whether the sun will continue to shine in the coming days in the most extensive weather forecast in the Netherlands.

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