Special forces attacked a kidnapper in a bank branch in central Moscow


A man took at least five hostages at an Alfa Bank office in central Moscow, threatening to blow up the building. He asked for a large sum of money.

Not long after, special forces stormed and captured the attacker. He did not resist, TASS reported.

No one was injured in the attack.

According to preliminary data, the kidnapper had a fake explosive device.

What happened at the office of Alfa Bank in Moscow

  • During the day, police received a call that an unknown person was holding several people in a bank branch in central Moscow. There are at least five hostages.
  • The special forces cut off the area and blocked the traffic.
  • The assailant entered the bank branch with a bag for food delivery (as usually ordered at the branch) and stated that he was surrounded by explosives. The criminal also carried a yellow package in his hands, which he said was an explosive device.
  • Telegram reported that the attacker was dressed in a suit of the delivery company Delivery club. The company said it had no information that an employee had been involved in the incident.
  • According to the media source, the attacker asked for a large sum of money.
  • Around 15:13 local time (and Bulgarian time) the kidnapper was detained after an attack by special forces. No damage.

At the time of his arrest, the abductor was in an inadequate condition and would be sent for a psychiatric examination.

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