Spain will again allow foreign tourists in July


The two royal decrees that cause dissatisfaction among the healthcare staff have been removed. That was agreed on Saturday at the meeting of the ‘super-core’, the top of the federal government and the ten parties that support the proxies.

One of those decisions gives the governors the opportunity to reclaim personnel. Another decree allows nurses to perform more tasks that previously could only be done by nurses.

The dissatisfaction with the legal texts already led to strike notices in hospitals. At the weekly meeting of the so-called super core, it was decided on Saturday to withdraw the two decisions.

Technically speaking, two new KBs must now be taken that negate the effects of the previous two.

A maximum price has also been set for the serological tests to Covid-19 by general practitioners, the cabinet of Health Minister Maggie De Block (Open Vld) told. Serological tests check whether someone has antibodies against the coronavirus and has therefore been infected. There is a refund of 9.60 euros for certain target groups.

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