South Africa invited to host India


South Africa invite India to tour The South African Cricket Board has announced that it will open its matches in late August. Following the arrival of the South African team on a tour of India, the Corona Lockdown started all over the world. The first game didn’t take place in Dharamsala due to rain. The series ended with no other game to continue. All the South African players who had returned from India had entered the Quarantine. India is expected to accept South Africa’s invitation to the series.

India’s first tour to Sri Lanka is to end with coronation restrictions. Considering that coronavirus is generally regarded as the least sensitive region and the strongest Asian team, the T20 World Cup tour was already scheduled. The series is expected to take place in June-July. India will play three one-dayers and T20s each. The next series was decided in Zimbabwe. The tour of England to India was decided, but not sure. The Indian team needs to prepare for the Asia Cup.

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