Sorrow in pop folk! Sofi Marinova revealed why she doesn’t stop crying …


“We stay at home for two months, we just eat … I’m overweight!”, Complained the Roma pearl in front of the Gala reporter – Desi Tsoneva. “He calls me, I haven’t shown you anything yet, so that you don’t become accustomed to it. The chicken makes it so that you can lick your fingers … With some black rice, imperial. I’m in Bulgarian cuisine, I can make moussaka, pork with cabbage, chicken soup … Lorenzo makes me wonderful spaghetti “, says the folk fury.

Sofka does not hide that she likes to be pampered, and during the quarantine she realized that she is not really such a strong woman. “I thought I was a very strong woman, harder because I’ve been taking on all the tasks for so many years. But now that I’ve stayed home and realized that I’m much weaker in reality and I like someone to look at me, to pamper me, “said the star, who became depressed during the first two weeks of the pandemic. “I roared a lot about relatives … I watched all the movies and genres,” the singer sums up.

Marinova revealed to her fans that she is preparing a new album, which will also include songs with Lorenzo. “He is a very good and well-mannered child. I had no problems controlling him not to come out during the quarantine,” said the vocal Etropole, Hotnews writes.

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