Sooraj, her husband, two others arrested Kollam


Uthra (25), from Kollam, Anchal Eram, was arrested by the police in the bedroom of her family’s home in Sooraj. The snake is said to have bitten Uthra in its sleep. Police received information that the snake had been bought from snake bites for Rs 10,000.

On March 2, Utraka was bitten by a snake at Suraj’s house. He came to Uthra’s house for treatment and rest. For the past seven years, Utra had been bitten again by a snake. Sooraj was in the room twice when the incidents took place. It is reported that Uthra was killed for taking property.

The cyber cell found that Sooraj had been in constant contact with some snake takers. Sooraj claims that a snake which entered through the open window had bitten Utra. More scientific testing is needed to determine whether this is true. The key is to find out how much the snake can rise from the floor. In this regard, we are seeking the knowledge of zoologists and snakes.

Those who work in this field say they are awakened by a poisonous snake bite. But Uthra did not wake up. Police are hoping to know the cause of the post-mortem. Meanwhile, a bank locker with Utra’s jewelery was opened on the morning of March 2, police said. The locker is on the joint account of Utra and Sooraj. The parents lodged a complaint with the police that they had lost their golden jewelery as a gift to their daughter.

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Kollam native snake bite death; 3 in custody

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