Son stabbed his father in front of 20 in a zoom chat | Zoom Chat, Cops Say -world news during Man Murdered By Son


New York: Son killed his father while talking to friends in a zoom chat. The 20-year-old son came from behind and stabbed his father. The incident happened Thursday in New York, US.

Dwight Power, 72, was killed in the attack on his 32-year-old son Thomas Stalli Power. He managed to escape through the window before police arrived. But within hours, he was arrested by police.

Police were called to the home of Dwight Powers after witnesses called for the murder in a video chat. The reason behind the murder is unclear.

During the chat, Dwight was seen falling backwards and his son, who was seen naked, was attacked. The police were informed but Dwight did not know the whereabouts of the house and it was very difficult to find the house.

Police did not specify what type of video conference was being held.

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