Sofka saves a lot of money because of the coronavirus, she has not used any make-up for two months


23 May 2020, Saturday, 18:44

Author: Flagman.BGIn the state of emergency, the singer hardly comes out

Sophie Marinova lasted two months without makeup. In the state of emergency, the singer hardly comes out. The first two weeks are especially difficult for her. Sofka is depressed that her life needs to change.

“In the beginning I cried – Marinova is frank. – For the first time I made up when I appeared on the stage of” Like two drops of water “. It was strange to me, I felt beautiful for a long time,” says Sofia. Marinova spends her isolation watching movies and cooking. Sofka also praised her son Lorenzo for having talents in the kitchen.

“Makes amazing rice steaks,” the singer added, quoted by Bulgaria Today.

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