‘So Wait’, Neeraj’s poem as a birthday gift to his wife


BActor Neeraj Madhav wins birthday poem “Have you seen the moon moon at dawn? Wait till the sun rises, the light shines, and so on. ” Neeraj shared the lyrics with his wife Deepti.

The actor’s words are that he will never leave his wife alone and that he will always meet with light and hope.

Neeraj made his film debut in the film Buddy in 2013 and later acted in films like Drisha, 1983, Apothikiri, Saptamashree Thaskara, Kunhiramayana, Adi Kapiare Katamani, Gautam’s chariot and many more. Neeraj, who wrote the screenplay for the movie Lavakusha, also appeared in the Amazon Prime Series Family Man. Neeraj will be getting married to Deepthi in 2018 in Kozhikode.

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