Six areas of the country are on lockdown


Kuwait City 6 Lockdown today (Sunday) affects about a quarter of the population, as six regions of the country are hit. Haveli, Farwaniya, Mahboula, Jaleeb Shuyuq, Khaitan and Maidan Haveli are the areas under lockdown for three weeks.

The country’s population of 4.420 million includes approximately 1.215 million foreigners and 4495 Native Americans. The total number of people affected by the lockdown is 323000, Jalib Shuyukh 323000, Farwaniya 285000 and Khaitan 187000.

In Haveli, 223000 foreigners and 2031 residents will be affected, while in Mahboula, 196,000 foreigners and 2464 residents will be affected. The figures for Maiden Haveli are not available.

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