Sirakov again ran away from questions about the shares, announced when he will speak – BG Football – efbet League


Nasko Sirakov again did not want to talk about the big topic related to the shares of Levski, on the occasion of the 106th birthday of the “blue” club. He congratulated the double holiday – the day of the Slavic script and the birthday of Levski and said that he would speak only after he officially received the shares from Vasil Bozhkov.

“I want to congratulate all Bulgarians on this bright holiday, as well as to congratulate all Levski players on the 106th birthday of the club,” he began.

“I am legitimized by the whole” blue “community, but I am not legitimized by documents. When everything ends well, I will convene a big press conference to answer all your questions,” Sirakov concluded another laconic media appearance.

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