sidharth prabhu: There is one thing I value more than love and love, this is it !; Open up, Kannan! – thatteem mutteem fame sidharth prabhu says he value friendship more than love by sharing his latest picture


Meenakshi and Kannan are two people who grew up in front of a Malayalee miniseries audience. Both of them became very big when they hit each other in the jungle with Kurumbi and Kusti. Meenakshi and Kannan, who were the children of Mohanavalli and Arjunan in the Tattem Muttim series, had earlier become stars. The couple, Anila and Prabhu, are the sons of a couple who came to the camera with a hit reality show, Just Not Wife. Some people have only recently come to know that they are both brothers and sisters in life.Also Read: Is ‘Lechu’s First Bride’ a wedding soon?

The on-screen presentation of both the mini-screens is very elegant and beautiful. Meenakshi recently left the serial because she went too far to study. Still, the number of fans has not diminished. With Meenakshi’s marriage (in the serial), the story of the serial is now on a different course. Kannan, whose real name is Sidharth Prabhu, is a well-known star on social media.

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The actress is known to occasionally interact with fans and share her sister’s talents. Now Siddharth has made a revelation. The star revealed through social media. Siddharth shared the picture with his friends. There is one thing I value more than love and love, which Siddharth calls friendship. Fans have also reached out to commenters.

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