Shopping mall devises safe way for visitors not to use elevator buttons to transmit corona virus (video)


A mall in Thailand has devised a unique way to avoid visitors using their hands to press elevator buttons and keep people away from infection with the emerging coronavirus.

Technology News website, citing the owners of the mall, stated that they did this to reduce HIV infection by limiting the use of buttons that are able to transmit diseases significantly to visitors.

Visitors were surprised by this new innovation after finding pedals in and out of the elevators, but they welcomed the new change without using hands as a smart step to stay healthy.

One of the visitors said: “They did a good job so I feel safer because we use our hands to do different things all the time. Now we can use our foot to press the elevator, it’s really cool.”

The director of the mall pointed out that foot pedals give shoppers reassurance and said: “The easiest way to infection is when you touch something contaminated, and ultimately touch your face, and the virus will spread to your mouth, eyes, or nose. So we came up with the idea of ​​a hand-free elevator that works In foot. “

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