Shocking! Another mistress of Bozhkov revealed PHOTOS


One of our most widely read writers, Lyudmila Filipova, was madly in love with fugitive businessman Vasil Bozhkov.

The beauty, granddaughter of Prime Minister Grisha Filipov (1981-1986), has even dedicated her first novel, Anatomy of Illusions, to her rich and famous lover.

Lyudmila is the daughter of Orlin Filipov – the eldest son of the Prime Minister at the time of Tatov Grisha Filipov. Her affair with Bozhkov began right at the beginning of the new century, shortly before the publication of her pilot novel “Anatomy of Illusions”, in which one of the main characters is the incarnation of the gambling boss, writes

Because of him, the sexy blonde even abandoned her husband – businessman Bozhidar Kolev.

Recently, the temptress entered the information flow with a statement against the virologist Assoc. Prof. Atanas Mangarov. Grisha Filipov’s granddaughter is making shocking revelations about the medical practice of the recently famous doctor. She also expresses her thoughts on the crisis situation in Bulgaria and its consequences. Here is what she writes: “In my opinion, Mangarov, right now, is especially dangerous for our country and our security! I have been following him for years and I have long been of this opinion about him and because of his attitude to many other infectious diseases, but at least before he was not so public and dangerous (I thought to keep quiet about it, but he goes too far). I started following him as a position after he almost tired my son ten years ago for a fee of BGN 100 for advice: not to do anything for a small child in serious health and high fever. It is good that serious doctors intervened in time. Then I learned from a lot of people that he takes between BGN 70 and BGN 150 for a consultation, depending on the vision of the home, where he is called for a sick child and almost always gives the same “recipe”. I also followed him as a media consultant – the type of infection doesn’t seem to matter to him – the measures he recommends are the same – let’s do nothing. ”

And there has been a lot of talk about Bozhkov’s lovers lately. It has already become clear that one of them is the singer LiLana. Another of his favorites is the scandalous participant in “Big Brother” Zara, with whom she also crumpled the sheets, and in return he provided her with an education.

He kept 70 women with frivolous behavior at a salary of 5,000 euros every month. These are his lovers, the women with whom he perverted. Now I do not know if they have not applied for this measure “60/40”, revealed the owner of efbet Tsvetomir Naidenov – former partner of Bozhkov.

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